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here you can trade, sell and give away mln items. aliso, you can discuss lego related topics.

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    rules for debates


    rules for debates

    Post by Guest on Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:08 pm

    When your posting here in the Debate Board, you dont just say I LOVE IT! You need to post your opinion, battle other peoples opinions and so on.

    Just a few ground rules before ya'll jump into debating whatever you feel like.

    The Forum Rules and the Debate Board Rules will be strictly enforced in this board.

    Show respect toward each other, and everyone's ideas.

    In addition, everyone's ideas and opinions must be
    respected as well. No matter how strongly you disagree with them, you
    are not authorized to insult their thinking. All you need to do is say
    you disagree or strongly disagree with them - that's it. There is
    absolutely no need to go beyond that. An example of what not to do
    would be:

    "This idea is the dumbest idea I've ever heard. Only someone with a 5 IQ could think of something so silly."

    Likewise, comments such as these will be removed, and the responsible poster will face the appropriate charges.

    Have legitimate facts to back up your opinion. Don't just post one word
    answers. If you're going to participate in a debate, actually have some
    appropriate facts to back up your statement. If you don't, it will be
    classified as spam and removed.

    For example, if the debate was about what's the best video game console, and you just say:

    The Wii!


    then it will be deleted.

    Keep your cool. Please do your best to keep calm in the debate board.
    If someone's opinion is so provocative that you just want to throw your
    computer out the window, then take a break, and relax for a while. Do
    not go up to them and let out a slur of insults and profanity at them,
    just because you disagree with them.

    Don't let someone else's
    opinion get in the way of friendship. Remember what MLN TRADE is all about -
    making friends, advancing together in MLN, and having a FUN time here.
    Please try not to let someone's political affiliation or opinions get
    in the way of a friendship. We don't want everyone hating each other.

    If any of these rules are to be violated, then the offender will face appropriate charges as per defined by the staff.

    thnak you for reading this
    --the person behind you--

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